Header Label Bags

     Marcus-James header label bags "complete" your package.  We offer both stock and custom designs to make your produce and brand name stand out from all the rest.
     Air circulates freely and your produce is completely visible through the open mesh bag.  Our bags come in a wide range of sizes and colors to give you greater flexibility in packaging your produce for increased sales.

K-Net Header Label Bags

     K-Net is a knitted material which is very strong, yet soft on all types of produce.  Available from 5 lb. to 20 lb. bags, with four different color nets to choose from.  Compared to poly bags, your produce stays fresh longer and looks its best for your customers.

Header Labels

     Custom header labels are an excellent way to promote your product and brand.  They come in four sizes, including "Jumbo" sizes with enough space to print logos, UPC's and nutrition information.  Up to six color print including process printing is available "To Bring your Label to Life."  Three paper grades to choose from:  clay coated, paper with poly laminant, and cardstock to fit every requirement.